Traveling with pets
Traveling with pets
Want to take your pet abroad?

Regulations regarding the carriage of animals vary in different countries and airlines. You are advised to contact the authorities in the destination country, as well as seek advice from your airline or your travel agency before planning your journey.



  • The maximum number of pets that may accompany the owner or an authorized person during a single non-commercial movement shall not exceed five
  • Тhe maximum number of pets may exceed five if the non-commercial movement of pets is for the purpose of participating in competitions, exhibitions or sporting events or in training for such events аnd the pets are more than six months old
  • Pets shall not be transported unless they meet the following requirements:
  • They are marked by the implantation of a transponder (a microchip) or by a clearly legible tattoo applied before 3 July, 2011
  • They have received an anti-rabies vaccination and the date of administration referred does not precede the date of application of the transponder or tattoo. You must wait 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination before travelling.
  • They are in possession of an animal health certificate or passport in accordance with EU regulations that is issued by an official authority or veterinarian


Entering or returning to Bulgaria from a member state or third country
When you enter or return to Bulgaira, your pet needs to meet the entry requirements. These include:

  •   a microchip
  •   a rabies vaccination
  •   a pet passport or third country official veterinary certificate in accordance with Regul.577-2013-EC.

For certain countries, including but not limited to: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Israel, Kuwait listed in Regul.1219-2014-EC (see complete list), testing of antibodies against rabies in approved laboratories is required. (links to Approved Laboratories in Third Countries, approved rabies serology laboratories in EU)
If you’re travelling from an unlisted country, your pet will need to get a blood test and then wait 3 months before entering Bulgaria.


For more information call directly the veterinarian on duty: +359 886 404863 

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