Immigration and border control
Immigration and border control
Immigration and border control
Make sure your documents are in order before for your travel.

Passengers travelling to and from the Schengen area are not pass to border checks, but must carry a valid travel document. 

Passengers travelling to and arriving from outside the Schengen area are passed border controls. Arriving passengers and e-passport holders may enjoy the automated gates instead of having passport checked by a Border Control officer. The e-gates make use of facial and fingerprint recognition technology to verify the traveler’s identity. 


Traveling with Children or Minors Abroad 

In relation to the increasing in frequency cases of non-admittance of minors on international flights and to improve the accessibility to information for travelers, please visit the following link to information published by The General Directorate „Border Police“ for traveling abroad

The link provides more information on the following topics:

  • Traveling of minors who possess only Bulgarian Citizenship
  • Traveling of minors who possess Bulgarian Citizenship and Citizenship from another country
  • Sample Statement of Agreement text
  • Cases exempt from the requirement of a Statement of Agreement 
  • Procedure for certification of a Statement of Agreement abroad.

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