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burgas airport travel restrictions


In order to ensure a minimum of people at the airport, well-wishers and greeters will not be allowed to enter the terminal.
For all issues related to canceled flights, passengers may be informed by contacting the airline concerned.


According to Order № RD-01-416/04.06.2021 of the Minister of Health, as of June, 5 2021 to July, 31 2021, all citizens (except these mentioned in article 1 in the Order), Bulgarian nationals, nationals of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement States (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City), and their family members or persons who are in actual cohabitation with them; citizens of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Japan, New Zealand, China, Rwanda, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, the United Arab Emirates, Georgia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Russia, Israel, Kuwait, the Republic of Belarus, and Turkey; persons with permanent or long-term resident status in Bulgaria (and their family members); persons who hold Bulgarian visa type “D” for long-term residence; persons with resident status (and their family members) of Member States of the European Union, the Schengen Agreement States (including San Marino, Andorra, Monaco and Vatican City) and their family members may enter Bulgaria by presenting one of the following documents:

(a) a vaccination certificate for a completed vaccination course against COVID-19. The vaccination certificate is considered valid 14 days after receiving the final dose. The document should include full name of the vaccinated person as per the identification document, date of birth, dates the vaccine doses were administered, vaccine name and batch number, name of the producer, details of the vaccine certificate issuing authority and country;
(b) a positive result from a PCR or antigen test for immunity for COVID-19 for persons who had the coronavirus infection not more than 6 months from the date they enter the country;
(c) a negative result from a PCR test performed within 72 hours of their entry into the country or a negative antigen test performed within 48 hours of their entry into the country;


Children up to the age of 5 who are citizens of the countries mentioned above may enter the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria without the need to present a negative result from a PCR or antigen test, vaccination, or a document certifying illness from COVID-19.


Read the full text in Bulgarian of the order here to find out what are the exceptions for entering the country and the specific requirements of the health authorities.


COVID-19 Travel Regulations Around the World


For information on the entry restrictions, rules and regulations for each country around the world, please visit the IATA Travel Regulations Map.

iata travel regulation map

Please click on your destination of choice to receive the most current information on the COVID-19 requirements and measures in the country. 

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