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Flight & Terminal Arrives from Time & Status
FB696 T2 Moscow Vnukovo VKO 04:26 Approaching Russia Bulgaria Air
IAE9901 T2 Moscow Domodedovo DME 06:30 Russia IrAero
LLM9325 T2 Moscow Domodedovo DME 06:39 Approaching Russia Yamal Airlines
BGH7124 T2 Billund BLL 06:50 Denmark Bh Air
ZF7781 T2 Moscow Vnukovo VKO 07:15 Russia Azur Air LLC
Flight & Terminal Departs to Time & Status
FB689 T2 Moscow Vnukovo VKO 04:45 Check-in open Russia Bulgaria Air
FB976 T2 Sofia SOF 04:50 Check-in open Bulgaria Bulgaria Air
FB655 T2 Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO 05:10 Check-in open Russia Bulgaria Air
BGH5571 T2 Belfast BFS 06:45 United Kingdom Bh Air
BGH5579 T2 Edinburgh EDI 06:50 United Kingdom Bh Air
Welcome to the sunniest airport in Europe and Jet2holidays Celebrate
First Summer Flights to Burgas
Aviation can be truly f-a-s-c-i-n-a-t-i-n-g!
May 30-31, Sunny Beach
Where do you dream to take off to?
2 000 000 Passengers Welcomed!
August 16, 2019
girl with luggage
Hand baggage

Traveling soon? How to prepare your hand luggage

Burgas: Yours to Discover

Beauty like you’ve never imagined will take you by surprise


The latest updates at the airport

Khan Krum made of sand
Sand Figures Festival

12th Annual event will be held at "Ezero" Park under the theme "Favorite Children's Charact

Burgas connects you to

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