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Flight & Terminal Arrives from Time & Status
LO8661 T2 Wroclaw WRO 09:05 Approaching Poland LOT - Polish Airlines
FR7314 T2 Vienna VIE 09:10 Approaching Austria Ryanair
W61261 T2 Katowice KTW 09:17 Approaching Poland Wizz Air Hungary
EW9790 T2 Dusseldorf DUS 09:56 Approaching Germany Eurowings
LG819 T2 Luxembourg LUX 10:39 Approaching Luxembourg Luxair
Flight & Terminal Departs to Time & Status
FR7315 T2 Vienna VIE 09:50 Check-in open Austria Ryanair
W61562 T2 Warsaw WAW 10:05 Check-in open Poland Wizz Air Hungary
LO8662 T2 Wroclaw WRO 10:25 Poland LOT - Polish Airlines
EW7791 T2 Hamburg HAM 10:30 Germany Eurowings
LG820 T2 Varna/Luxembourg VAR/LUX 11:40 Luxembourg Luxair
Welcome to Burgas Airport:
The Sunniest Airport in EU
travel information restrictions burgas airport
Travel Information

Information on entry restrictions, border controls and the current situation at Burgas Airport.

burgas airport covid-19 taken safe measures
Worry-free travel from/to BOJ

We want you to depart and arrive at Burgas Airport safely and without worrying.

health declaration form entering bulgaria burgas airport
Health Declaration Form

Only for arriving passengers: download and fill out the form before arriving at the airport.

girl with luggage
Hand baggage

Traveling soon? How to prepare your hand luggage

car hire rental renta a car burgas airport
Car Hire

Book your rental car with our global car hire partners.

Burgas connects you to

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