Safety and security is a top priority for all air travelers. In line with international practice, all departing passengers will have to go through thorough security control. All checked baggage will be screened by airport security. Passengers should not pack any weapons, combustible items, explosive materials, toxic or other dangerous substances into their Check-in baggage. If deemed necessary, passengers may be required to have their checked baggage undergo further security screening. 

The customs and passport control desks come after the security control points for departing passengers and their baggage. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself in advance with the customs and passport/visa requirements of the countries of your destination. Please pay attention to the validity of your ID documents.

On the territory of each airport, serving the international civil aviation, there are restricted access security areas, as well as the respective procedures and systems of identification of persons and vehicles. They are introduced for the purposes of achieving security in civil aviation.

Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD, in its capacity of airport operator, performs and supervises the performance of the respective rules and procedures for access control, in compliance with the normative documents of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU, as well as with the National Civil Aviation Security Program.
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