The airport in Burgas serves not only as an aviation platform but also as a multifunctional location with highly attractive retailing opportunities. With the opening of the new passenger terminal Burgas Airport now offers attractive retail areas, unique food and beverage outlets, as well as comfortable open spaces. The variety of marketplaces is integrated into the airport's new terminal throughout the passenger routes in both landside and airside. The airport comprises of a portfolio of unique and internationally renowned food and beverage outlets, stores, duty free / travel value shops.

Category management teams with appropriate know-how support them through the recruitment, bidding, and planning stages. Our teams support the concessioners and work with them closely in a spirit of partnership. The provided support includes market and customer analyses as well as ongoing quality management to maximize their business success.


GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Fraport Twin Star Airport Management AD (pursuant to Art. 298 of the Trade Act) for conclusion, term and termination of the Trade activity operation Agreement in the territory of Varna airport and Burgas airport




Food and Beverages and Currency Exchange

Commercial Department

Zhulieta Lyutskanova

Phone: +359 52 57 32 40

Mobile: +359 882 909 354



Duty Free

Commercial Department

Vesela Nikolova

Phone: +359 52 573 224

Mobile: +359 882 909 355



Other Retail

Commercial Department

Irina Krasteva

Phone: +359 56 87 01 14

Mobile: +359 884 801 303




Commercial Department

Dessislava Ivanova

Phone: +359 56 87 01 09

Mobile: +359 885 406 620