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Flight & Terminal Arrives from Time & Status
MSI319 T2 Zaporozhye OZH 20:50 Cancelled 20:50 Ukraine Motor Sich Airlines
Flight & Terminal Departs to Time & Status
MSI320 T2 Zaporozhye OZH 21:30 Cancelled 21:30 Ukraine Motor Sich Airlines
Burgas Airport is closed for flights until 8 pm on March 29th
and for the period from 10.30pm on March 29th to March 31st including.
Welcome to the sunniest airport in Europe!
Lauda motion flight Burgas Vienna Bourgas
Fly to Vienna from Burgas

Austria's low fare airline LAUDA starts direct connection from Burgas to Vienna in 31.03.2020


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Hand baggage

Traveling soon? How to prepare your hand luggage

Burgas: Yours to Discover

Beauty like you’ve never imagined will take you by surprise

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Last update date: 29.03.2020 Last update time: 02:36